Antique Victorian Bypass Bracelet With Cupid On A Lion

Greg DeMark

  • $125.00

 This stunning antique bypass bracelet in rolled gold with a central plaque decorated with a reeded edge and a depiction of Cupid riding a lion held a secret romantic meaning during the Victorian era of Love Conquers All.

The two tubular shape sections of the bracelet that end on either side of the central plaque with polished acorn shape finials pass under the square shape plaque where it houses the spring that allows the bracelet to open at the back where the two tubes bypass each other. Two small polished beads placed between the plaque and the finial ends compliment the design.

 The plaque at the top of the bracelet measures 5/8 by 5/8 inch.

 Due to the spring mechanism this bracelet is capable of fitting various size wrists but fully closed it has a diameter of 2 1/16 by 1 3/4 inches and opens to 1 3/8 inches when fully open.

 Marked on the back plate with PAT. Dec 16. 1879.





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