Antique Silver Tribal Cuff Bracelet Hand Engraved

Greg DeMark

  • $350.00

 This exceptional antique coin silver Tribal cuff bracelet was hand engraved over the entire surface with design work that suggests it was created in the Near East or Southeast Asia sometime during the early 20th century or earlier.

 The silversmith created this piece using ingot silver which is done by melting down old silver coins and then hand hammering the ingot in to sheet form to make jewelry with.

 There is some oxidation on the inside of the bracelet that can be seen in one of the photographs. I have not tried to polish it since most people prefer that the original patina be left on an antique piece of jewelry.

 The bracelet measures 1 1/8 inches wide with a diameter of 2 1/4 by 1 7/8 inches with an opening of 1 1/4 inches for a wrist size of approximately 6 1/2 inches.

 Weight: 70.5 grams.




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