Antique Stickpin Box J.T. Fritts Jeweler & Optician Somerville N.J.

Greg DeMark

  • $12.00

This early 20th century stickpin box was created in a tan color paper on cardboard with a cream color satin lining with the jewelers name inside the lid of J.T. Fritts - Jeweler & Optician - Somerville, N.J.

3 1/2 x 1 x 3/4 inch

The exterior of the box is in very nice condition with the satin interior showing many small pin holes from a stickpin being stored and removed from it many times over the years.

This is an excellent piece to add to an antique jewelry or stickpin collection as well as for anyone that collects Somerville, N.J. history items

Greg DeMark - ns25

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