Vintage Natural Carved Gemstone Quan Yin Statue

Greg DeMark

  • $550.00

This pale angel skin color natural coral statue is of Kwan Yin also spelled Quin Yin who was the Chinese Goddess Of Mercy.

Her right hand is raised and her left hand holds the delicately carved ribbon of cord that surrounds her neck and drapes down the sides of her Kimono.

Note the natural cavities in the coral mostly on the back with one cavity running under and below her left hand holding the ribbon. This is natural to the coral and not damage.

The wooden base was carved out to fit the base of the statue and blue clay was added into the carved base to hold the statue. The clay has hardened somewhat over the years so removing the old clay and adding new clay may be something to consider.

Approximately 4 7/8 inches high with the base.

I collected this piece in the 1970's from a dealer of Asian Art. I have enjoyed it for many years but it is now time to pass it on to someone else to enjoy.

Greg DeMark Jewelry - vm1026

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