Olive Branch Pendant With Romulus And Remus Vintage Italian

Greg DeMark

  • $38.00

This vintage sterling silver Italian pendant features an olive branch on one side and Romulus and Remus on the other side.

S.P.Q.R. engraved below the depiction of Romulus and Remus stands for Senatus Populusque Romanus or translated The Senate and People of Rome.

This very famous Roman story from mythology tells of the twin brothers who are credited with being the founders of Rome and the children of Rhea Silvia and Mars.

1 3/16 inches high with the jump ring bail x 15/16 inch wide.

There is a makers mark of a conjoined capital letters FP. No silver mark found but this piece was tested and guaranted to be sterling silver.

Greg DeMark - cb

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