Vintage Kalo Hand Wrought Sterling Silver Cherries And Leaves Earrings

Greg DeMark

  • $225.00

 Your love for rare and important jewelry often finds you thinking about the next great piece you can add to your collection. This stunning pair of hand wrought sterling silver screwback earrings in the cherries and leaves pattern created by The Kalo workshop is a perfect piece to fill that desire.

The Kalo workshop which was considered one of the most important hand wrought silver makers in the U.S.A. began its life in Chicago in 1900 during the rise of Arts and Crafts communities in the United States. 

 Founded by Clara P. Barck along with five very talented young woman that produced various Arts and Crafts, this workshop had a long and illustrious life with many well known artists and silversmiths, finally closing in 1970 several years after Clara's death.

 Every detail was well thought out and executed including the name Kalo which in Greek meant "To make beautiful".

 The top of the earrings measure approximately 15/16 by 7/8 inch and weigh 10.7 grams total weight. 

 Signed Hand Wrought Sterling Kalo on the back of each earring.

 A perfect gift idea for the collector in your life.




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