Vintage Zuni Silver Watch Bracelet Signed G Tsadiasi Sun God Design

Greg DeMark

  • $135.00

This vintage 1970's Zuni watch bracelet for a ladies watch with a Sun God design inlay was signed G. Tsadiasi for Glendis Tsadiasi

The sterling silver ends of the bracelet are approximately 1 inch round with a 1/4 inch tube for the watch lug. The total length with the stainless steel expansion bracelet without a watch is 4 7/8 inches long.

Native American sterling silver jewelry is very popular and signed Zuni work is highly sought after. The perfect piece for a vintage Native American jewelry collection or someone that just loves the Southwest style.

As a note, I purchased a large collection of Native American jewelry from a family that were dealers in Native American jewelry during the 1960's and 1970's and this watch bracelet is one of the pieces. This bracelet has never been worn and comes right from that dealers stock that they had left when they stopped dealing in Indian Jewelry years ago.

Greg DeMark Jewelry - sj1210

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